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Anti-discrimination Support Centre

Kinga Kulik (2017-01-26)

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We want Lublin to become a city without discrimination.

For two years we have been running the Anti-discrimination Support Centre. Different people have contacted us, among others persons who experience violence and discrimination in access to services due to their disability or nationality, in danger of eviction, whose employees’ rights were violated. We listen to the story, make sure whether this is a discrimination case. We contact institutions and organisations which can solve the issue. We offer our assistance in the police, in the court and other institutions. We provide elementary legal information. We aid to receive legal advice. We prepare necessary documentation. So far, we have been working on about 30 individual cases.

Please, contact us before the meeting:
Telephone: 605 731 868

Basically every report represents a general problem. More people can face a similar situation unless systemic solutions are implemented. A case of a woman who experienced mental and economic violence from her husband is one of such examples. Within next few months, we want to verify what police reaction looks like in case where violence is caused by a police officer employed in this particular police station. Are there any procedures? If yes, how do they actually work?

Legal support is our and our clients’ basic need. Cases we deal with are very different. Sometimes it is enough to talk to a person or prepare a written intervention, but sometimes the case goes to the court. We work in cooperation with the Pro Bono Centre which has supported our clients for over a year. That is a long-distance cooperation, which results in some limitations. We encourage law firms in Lublin to work with us. We want to act against discrimination together and help people enforce their rights.
We learn from the best ones. The Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights, Polish Society of Anti-discrimination Law, Court Watch Poland Foundation and the Pro Bono Centre will support us in providing legal advice so that people who experience discrimination could fight for their rights.
We are in partnership with the Foundation for Positive Changes which supports women who experience violence. They will help us to prepare a monitoring process and to implement recommendations in order to stop considering family violence a private issue, and provide women with support of adequate institutions.

Expertise sharing
We invite law and administration students to volunteer in the Anti-discrimination Support Centre. For 12 years, we have been learning, and we still learn, how to act against discrimination. We want to share our knowledge and experience.
We run a website to share news about local events in the field of anti-discrimination, and basic information on how to deal with discrimination -

We also organise for example anti-discrimination workshops. Learn more about our training offer –

Support us
Do you think it is necessary to act against discrimination? Do you believe people who experience it should be able to enforce their rights? Do you think there should be a place in Lublin where people can ask for help? Support us!

Set up a standing order on your account. Donate 20 PLN, 50 PLN, 100 PLN or any amount. Include “antydyskryminacja” in the bank transfer name.

The above mentioned activities are conducted thanks to the donation of the Stefan Batory Foundation. Financing ends in June 2017. We have already started to raise money to continue our work in the Anti-discrimination Support Centre (anti-discrimination consultant’s remuneration, telephone bills, copying costs, rent).

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