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We are a non-profit organisation. We have been protecting human rights since ten years. We also protect YOUR rights. Support us. See below how to do it.

1. Make a donation.

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Credit Agricole Bank Polski S.A.

It's easy.
a) Donate any amount of money (f.ex. 20, 50 or 100PLN). In the title of the transfer write darowizna na cele statutowe (donation on statutory objectives).
b) Create a standing order and support us regularly.
Donations are deductible.

2. Donate 1% of income tax


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Why do we teach Polish?
We think that the language is the base of integration.
During our classes we teach not only grammar rules but also practical usage of Polish. We teach Polish and Lublin history, Polish tradition and culture, but also swearwords and communication in daily situations (f.ex. buying buns in the shop. In the real shop, not in the classroom).

Who do we teach?
Every willing person. We have conducted our classes since 2010. People from Ukraine, Belarus, Russia, Kazakhstan, China, Taiwan, Cuba, USA, Spain, Tunisia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Sweden, Norway, Turkey, Chechnya and Afghanistan have already participated in our classes. This year (2014/2015) we are teaching three groups.

What is integration?
Integration is a process of understanding of both sides: hosts and incomers. Those who come to a new country have a lot of things to do: they have to legalise they stay, learn language, find a job and a school or a kindergarten for children and deal with a completely new surrounding. It's a huge work – both physical and emotional. But hosts have also their tasks. Without their help and support foreigners don't have a chance to integrate. It's worth helping them.

Why is integration so important?
Because it gives safety. It enables people to get to know each other and live together. Because it results in social order, prosperity and happiness. We are proud that people from all over the world choose our city to live here.