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Our headquarters, including the Anti-Discrimination Support Point, are located in the building of the College of Enterprise and Administration in Lublin in 12 Bursaki Street.
The building is partially accessible to people with disabilities. Being aware of possible difficulties, we have enclosed the description of the adaptation of our facilities and a photo gallery.
If you have any additional questions regarding the accessibility of our office for users with disabilities, please contact us at:, or call:

+48 602 430 868.

Practical information:
The university building is located at the crossroads of Związek Street and Bursaki 12 Street in Lublin
(Bursaki district).

There are two entrances to the building:

  • one from the side of the courtyard (Związkowa Street)
  • one from the rear part of the building (from the car park, the entrance to which is from the side of
    Bursaki Street).

Entrance from the car park side
The main entrance to the building from the side of the car park (you can find more photos in the
gallery). Behind the building (entrance from Bursaki Street), 5 metres from the main entrance, there
is a car park with a clearly marked place for people with disabilities.
There are stairs and a driveway with two-level handrails leading to the entrance.
The main door in the building opens automatically.
In the building, on each of the three levels, there are toilets adapted to the needs of people with
The three-level building has an elevator to which leads a set of stairs (without a handrail; there is a
stair platform. The key to the platform is available at the reception) and a steep descent with
handrails on both sides.

The door to the elevator on level 0 opens automatically. You can find more photos in the gallery. The
elevator button is located at the height of 1 m.
In the elevator, the buttons are located at the height of 1 m.
The button with the sign of the ground floor is marked.
There are no voice prompts in the elevator.

The toilet for people with disabilities is on the ground floor of the building.
Toilets for people with disabilities, marked with the “OzN” sign, are located on each floor of the
The building is not equipped with a hearing induction loop and there are no audioguides available.
There are no paths or signs for people with visual disabilities in the building.

How we can help:
If you need assistance of a sign language interpreter during our meeting, please contact us in
If necessary, we can arrange our meeting in a place that is more convenient to you.