One for All, All for One IV

Direct help in different ways, particularly through legal aid, psychological support and social assistance.

This project is funded by the European Economic Area Financial Mechanism as part of the Active Citizens Fund – National programme. Moreover, our activity works as part of the collaborative partnership between the Association for Legal Intervention and the NOMADA Association (the Association for Legal Intervention is the finance operator of the project).

The Consortium of the organisations supporting migrants and refugees in Poland is an informal group of 9 organisations which work in favour of migrants and refugees in 4 different regions of Poland (in Lublin, Poznań, Warsaw and Wrocław). The Consortium was established in May, 2017 during a convention of organisations supporting migrants and refugees from the countries of the Visegrad Group. Since then, the members of the Consortium hold monthly conventions in order to support each other and plan joint activities that will be in compliance with the protocol of the arrangements which was made during the first convention.

As part of the project, the members of the Consortium will collaborate to maintain and broaden the support provided to the immigrants and refugees in Poland, especially to those in difficult life situations. They will be provided with direct help in different ways, particularly through legal aid, psychological support and social assistance. What is more, a project of the strategy for protection of the migrant workers’ rights will constitute an additional part of this project. This activity will be complemented by a group of supporters that will include new members, such as experts, scientists, trade unions, employer’s organisations, migrant activists, etc. The aim of this strategy is to undertake joint, organised activities in favour of promoting migrant employee rights together with the government, appropriate entities (jobcentres, unions, labour inspectorates, etc.) and the employers and migrants themselves.

Partners: Amnesty International Polska, Fundacja Centrum Badań Migracyjnych (Migrant Info Point), “Our Choice” Foundation, Polish Migration Forum Foundation, Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights, Polish Hospitality Foundation (‘With Bread and Salt’ Group and a portal uchodź, Homo Faber Association, Association for Legal Intervention, NOMADA Association.

Coordination: Anna Dąbrowska

Funder: Open Society Foundation

Due date of the project: 01.10.2021 – 31.12.2022