Stronger together

This is the first project which is aimed directly at the citizens of Ukraine exclusively.

"Stronger together" it's another project undertaken as part of the Consortium - a group of 9 organisations which has been active since 2017 and has worked in favour of migrants and refugees in Poland in 4 regions (in Lublin, Poznań, Warsaw and Wrocław). However, this is the first project which is aimed directly at the citizens of Ukraine exclusively.

The main goal of this project is to provide high-quality legal aid, social assistance, psychological support, career counselling, etc. to the Ukrainian refugees in particularly difficult life situations in four Polish cities.

Furthermore, as part of the Consortium, this project is supposed to foster the already existing collaboration through creating more formal structures. The project will complement and develop counselling and information services in these non-governmental organisations. It will result in strengthening the organisations in times of crisis. What is more, it will make their self-development possible thanks to workshops and trainings for their staff, as well as it will ensure further development of these organisations and their services.

Partners: Amnesty International Polska, Fundacja Centrum Badań Migracyjnych (Migrant Info Point), “Our Choice” Foundation, Polish Migration Forum Foundation, Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights, Polish Hospitality Foundation (‘With Bread and Salt’ Group and a portal uchodź, Homo Faber Association, Association for Legal Intervention, NOMADA Association.


Coordination: Anna Dąbrowska

Funder: Open Society Foundation

Due date of the project: 01.10.2021 – 31.12.2022