Shared time

"Shared time" is an opportunity for "new" and "old" residents of Lublin to easily get to know each other. What's more, without the need to engage additional time.

Lublin is changing. More and more people from all over the world are choosing it as a place to live. Sometimes these are well-thought-out, voluntary decisions, sometimes caused by escaping violence or war.

Living in a new place is not easy. You have to learn a lot of new things.

At the same time, being an "old resident" of a city that is changing so much also brings with it a lot of emotions. There are more and more people around us with whom we do not know each other, do not understand each other and we have no connections with each other. This can give rise to fears, concerns and sometimes prejudices.

There is no better recipe for good integration than getting to know each other - building relationships. The question is, how to do it when time flies and we have no time for anything? How do we squeeze this "getting to know each other" into our calendars?


We have a specific solution:

1. Tell us what you like, how you spend your time and what activities you can join.

2. We will check if we know anyone who will join you in this activity and we will arrange a meeting for you.

3. Start doing what you like with your new friend. Do it without spending extra time.

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A sample list of activities you can invite someone to (examples):

  • “Every week, on Tuesdays at 6:00-7:00 PM, I run for an hour in the Park Ludowy. I am preparing to run 10 km. We can meet there and run together.”
  • “On Fridays after work (4:00 PM), I go to Felin (Felicity) for some weekly shopping.We can meet there, do some shopping together and l can take you back home afterwards.”
  • “On Sunday mornings I go on walking trips around Lublin. I set off from the PKP train station around 7 AM. I usually conclude my walk around 12pm or 1pm.”
  • “I have two children aged 3 and 5. On Saturdays I go to an amusement park with them, for two or three hours. I would be happy to take a parent with a child of a similar age.”

It is important that these are everyday, "easy" activities, not a feat or searching for very attractive activities.


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Rules that apply to the project:


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