Integration club for boys

Join us for a series of socio-psychological classes for boys aged 10-12. During the series of 10 meetings, in a friendly and fun atmosphere, we will talk about various aspects of relationships with other people in an intercultural environment. The workshop is conducted by certified psychologists.

The number of places is limited (15/18)

Registration for the workshop is required via FORM.
The classes are free of charge.
The сlasses will be conducted in three languages (Ukrainian, Polish, and Russian).
The place of the workshop is baobab, Krakowskie Przedmieście 39b, floor II, room #23


I. Interpersonal integration  17.05.2024 17:00-19:00

During the first meeting we will get to know the whole group, talk about our interests, backgrounds, favorite foods, etc. While having fun, we will touch on the topic of integration, learn to establish new relationships that will help us have a nice adventure.

II. Me in an intercultural society  24.05.2024 17:00-19:00

During this class we will get to know ourselves better. We will discover our strengths and things that could be improved a bit. We'll talk about who we are in the group, as well as how we mark my presence in social life and among peers.


III. Tolerance

During our class on tolerance we will touch on aspects of diversity, empathy and understanding of the other person, whose experience is most often different from ours. We will talk about differences and similarities in terms of appearance, physical fitness, orientation, faith, etc.

IV. Exploring another culture

In this class we will address cultural issues. We will talk about interesting facts about different cultures, cultural similarities and differences in terms of food, cinema, traditions, sports and leisure activities.


V. Interpersonal communication
In this class we will learn what communication with another person is. We will analyze different types of communication and learn interesting facts about language and gestures in different cultures. By acting out various social scenes we will learn how to communicate with respect for our own and others' boundaries.


VI. Cooperation
In this class, children will learn to cooperate in groups/pairs in an interesting and fun way. We will talk about the elements that comprise cooperation and practice these elements through scenes and games.


VII. Me in the world of emotions - how to deal with them?

In this class, together with children we will talk about emotions - types and colors. We will analyze why we feel and what for, what  each emotion gives us and how (if needed) to control them.

VIII. A trap for my anger

In this class we will befriend anger. Each member of the group will understand when they feel this emotion, how it affects them, and develop and test a minimum of 10 ways to deal with excess anger in themselves.


IX. How to handle defeat

In this class we will talk about competition. We will analyze the advantages and disadvantages of winning and losing, and together with the group we will solve the dilemma "Winning or having fun."

X. Me in the world of gaming

In this class we will talk about trends in the virtual world. Children will have the opportunity to talk about their favorite computer/mobile games, and we as adults will show them their positive aspects. We will also touch on the issue of online safety.


The project is funded by the City of Lublin.