Shared time - rules

Rules, or what we agree on

Terms and conditions

. I declare that I will participate in the project on a voluntary basis, which I will confirm by signing an appropriate agreement with the Homo Faber Association.

. I will not engage the person from the pair in any commercial activity.

. I know that the relationship that has arisen does not presuppose the building of a long-lasting, deep friendship. This can happen, but is not required.

. I will not post photos or other material from the meetings on social media, without the express consent of the other person from the pair.

. Meetings, activities take place only in public spaces (places of culture, parks, baobab, etc.). We do not invite you to houses, dormitories, etc.

. If for any reason I cannot reach the meeting, I will always inform the coordinator by phone so that this information can be passed on to the other person from the pair.

. I will take part in meetings, trainings and evaluations planned in the program.

. I will inform the coordinator about any changes in my life situation that may affect the activity in the program.