Humanitarian aid

We were coordinators of the Lublin Social Committee to Aid Ukraine.

We were coordinators of the Lublin Social Committee to Aid Ukraine.


We offer humanitarian aid and we help with integration and development, which is a part of the Committee’s activity.

We are a social movement supporting the system of public help. When the system fails, we strive to solve any problems that appear. What is more, we plan our activities in close collaboration with the municipal authorities. Besides, not only do we assist groups, but also individuals.

Feel free to contact us if you need help or want to offer your help. Below, you will find information about how you can contact us or any points that deal with specific matters.

Who coordinates the Committee:

  • Homo Faber Association
  • Foundation of Spiritual Culture of Borderland
  • Rule of Law Institute Foundation

We work in close collaboration with:

  • Lublin City Council
  • Centre for Culture in Lublin
  • Crisis Intervention Centre
  • Municipal Centre for Family Assistance
  • establishments providing healthcare
  • Polish Red Cross
  • Council of the Bar
  • Polish Scouting and Guiding Association
  • Plast National Scout Organization of Ukraine
  • Foundation for the Development of Central and Eastern Europe
  • many other entities in Lublin (including the private sector).


The Community Centre Point*: 39 Krakowskie Przedmieście Street (the entrance is at the gate)

Opening hours: Monday – Friday, 9 am to 4 pm

*The Community Centre Point is an information desk for the refugees in Lublin. It is a safe place which provides help to everyone in need.

You can communicate with us in Ukrainian, Belarusian, Russian, English and Polish.


What do we help with?

  • Legal aid. We provide legal advice on your stay in Poland, social assistance, labour law and other legal matters.
  • Psychological support for children. We organise individual consultations for children who feel lost, afraid and sad, have difficulties in learning and struggle with their emotions because of what they have recently gone through, that is, fleeing from Ukraine, experiencing the war and being in a completely new environment.
  • Psychological support for adults. We offer consultations for those who feel lost and afraid, struggle with finding their place in Poland, cannot cope with stress and tiredness, and need to talk with somebody they can trust. We do everything we can do help those who have experienced the war and had to flee from Ukraine.
  • Help with accommodation. We provide information about the availability of temporary accommodation in Lublin.
  • Education of children and teenagers. We help them get in touch with schools and universities. Furthermore, we provide information about the educational system, available offers to support the Ukrainian children in Polish schools and extracurricular classes.
  • Polish learning. We teach children, teenagers and adults the Polish language at different levels. You can join the Polish language course any day you want to.
  • Assistance. We help you in places where a language may pose a difficulty in communication, that is, in hospitals, clinics, different offices and institutions. Our assistants are eager to help you with making appointments and getting to the right place. Besides, they can work as interpreters for you so that no miscommunication takes place.
  • Social assistance. We provide information about any form of social assistance (e.g. financial programmes, food, clothes, benefits) available in Lublin.
  • Food assistance. We provide food to those who have found private accommodation or live in collective accommodation points.
  • Help in crisis. We help those who are in particularly difficult or dangerous situations, such as labour exploitation, sexual assault, discrimination, domestic violence, etc.