Apply for the Intercultural School of Leaders

The Homo Faber Association (Lublin) and the Egala Association (Bialystok) invite you to participate in the recruitment for the Intercultural School of Leaders.

The Homo Faber Association in Lublin and the Egala Association in Bialystok act in favour of and their local communities. Both organizations support integration of new residents in their cities, aiming to make these cities friendly to everybody.
The Intercultural School of Leaders is for migrants who want to act for the benefit of local communities, but do not yet have the necessary knowledge to start such activities. We will invite 12 people from Lublin and the Lubelskie Voivodeship and 12 people from Bialystok and the Podlaskie Voivodeship to participate (24 people in total).
As part of the project, we offer:
  • a training course on the fundamentals of the social activities (60 hours, six 2-day weekend sessions: sessions 1: November 19–20; 2022; session 2: December 17–18, 2022; session 3: January 14–15, 2023; session 4: February 11–12, 2023, session 5: March 11–12, 2023, session 6: March 25–26, 2023);
  • support of experienced tutors (16 hours of tutoring for each participant);
  • an invitation to 2-day integration forum in Lublin in May 2023;
  • an invitation to a 3-day integration summer camp in the Podlasie region in August 2023.

During the training, the participants will gain knowledge on how to design initiatives for migrant communities and, and then, they will implement these initiatives into their communities.


The Intercultural School of Leaders IS FOR:

- migrants;

- those who live in Lublin, Bialystok and in the vicinity of these cities (training classes will be held in Lublin and Bialystok at the same time);

- those who want to carry out social activities;

- those who will create a group together with other persons with whom they will go on working after the training;

- those who have decided to live in Poland permanently (for the next few years).

The Intercultural School of Leaders IS NOT FOR:

- the Polish;
- those who run their own organizations and have experience in social activities;
- those who want to run a business, and earn this way;
- those who prefer to act alone.
The participation in the training course is free of charge.
The training course will be held in Polish. We offer language support (Ukrainian, Russian and English), but there will be no translation of the whole content.
Attendance at all training classes is mandatory. Participation in the forum and camp is welcome.
The recruitment will continue till October 31, 2022. We will inform about the results on November 7, 2022.
The project is financed by Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway from the EEA Funds under the Active Citizens Program – Regional Fund.

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