Maciej Duszczyk's visit to baobab

On March 6 we were visited by Maciej Duszczyk, Undersecretary of State of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Administration.

Such a visit is an opportunity for us to promote the good practices we have developed, exchange information on effective strategies, challenges and problems we face as organizations that are the first to deal with foreigners.

We also see meetings with government representatives as a form of mini public consultation when developing public policies. We are always happy to give tours, answer questions, show our services, as well as work and support spaces. We talk about failures, but also about what has been successful. We give recommendations.

We cannot imagine effective action without partnerships and cooperation. That's why we invite people to baobab to open the door to more formal cooperation between the public sector and ours - the non-governmental sector. Partnerships can lead to more effective solutions to social problems through joint projects, initiatives and programs.

We know that NGOs have a lot of knowledge, experience, professionalism as well as smart and committed people. We want to be heard and our opinions to be taken into account.

We are grateful for this visit!

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